Internet Safety


The Internet and various mobile applications facilitating dating have made things a lot easier for gay people to find the right man. But hold the brakes! Don’t jump into meeting someone in person before you’ve done your homework. Take your time to suss out your newfound online friend - if something seems iffy, or if inconsistencies start to appear in the information he provides you, stop chatting. 

How to spot if he’s faking it? 

Does he only have one picture? Insist on multiple video chat sessions and phone conversations before meeting. Do a reverse-searching for his pictures on TinEye to ascertain if they’ve been lifted from other sites. 

Your online date says he needs money?

You know something’s up if your erstwhile date asks you for an electronic money transfer, or if he starts touting too-good-to-be-true investment opportunities, Viagra and other dodgy requests involving your hard-earned money. Don’t get ripped off! 

Would you give to a stranger on the street your address?  

This sounds intuitive, but it bears repeating that you should never disclose personal information to an online stranger. Be wary if your online date starts pestering you for your address, place of work, or other sensitive information.