5 Languages of Love

To keep a relationship going, learn to speak the five languages of love. You and your man may speak in different tongues when it comes to feeling loved.

Quality time

You’re a quality-time person if you value eye contact, meaningful conversations and shared activities.

Receiving gifts

You may enjoy giving and receiving small tokens of love. Flowers, bracelets, a gym membership card: these are symbols of love to you.  

Words of affection 

Sweet nothings are something to you. You thrive on encouragement and compliments. 

Physical touch 

You like hugging, holding hands, kissing and being in physical proximity with your partner. Touching makes you feel loved and connected. 

Acts of service

You gain pleasure from doing things for your partner, such as washing the dishes after dinner. Chores aren’t acts of obligation for you, but a service borne out of love. 

What language do you and your partner speak? Find out by asking him directly. In return, tell him what makes you feel special. Speaking in the right language will make your man want to love you back in the way you prefer. Love begets love!