What is Bisexuality?

What is bisexuality?

Being bisexual means having romantic, emotional, physical and sexual attraction towards both women and men.  Even within the LGBT community, bisexual people are often misunderstood or discriminated against, sometimes resulting in health issues. Hurtful stereotypes include assumptions about being "confused", "unfaithful", "promiscuous", "greedy" or "not gay enough".  All these are examples of biphobia, which refers to negative feelings, thoughts or actions towards bisexual people.  These can include making offensive statements, mocking or ignoring their identities altogether. 

Some people may also use the term pansexual to describe their attraction towards people of all genders, beyond the binary of male and female. 

Bisexual and pansexual identities are some of the most common within our rainbow communities, but are often misunderstood! This video is part of a series by New Zealand-based youth organisation called InsideOUT.

Additionally, here is a local online resource called The Bi+ Collective Singapore.