Staying Healthy

Activity and Flexibility

Mature men face increased responsibilities in the professional and personal lives. For some, hectic lifestyles means neglecting a basic exercise routine. Although the average professional's lifestyle is increasingly sedentary, it remains equally important for mature men to keep active and healthy.

Making it a regular habit to exercise keeps energy levels up and reduces effects of aging. Exercise programs raise metabolic rates, reduces stress and helps to raise mental alertness levels. This can help counteract the energy level drops and loss of endurance that generally accompanies aging. Your exercise program should be increasingly well rounded, and include cardiovascular aerobic exercise to maintain heart health, over and above anaerobic types of exercise, like weight training

Flexibility-enhancing activity is also increasingly critical. As you mature, your body's ligaments and joints tend to lose flexibility. This can result in an increase in the incidence of accidental injuries as well as worsen the severity of such accidents. Flexibility training helps your body remain limber and adaptive to circumstances. You may wish to consider a regular yoga practice, pilates, "soft" martial arts like tai chi, or other similar activities.

Most importantly, consider the need to balance rest with work and exercise. Mature men do not have the reserves of energy that they had in their youth and take longer to recover from exercise and other forms of exertion.

Regular Health Screenings

Mature men encounter increased risks of many illnesses, such as heart conditions, diabetes and cancer. Regular health screenings are critical to assist in early treatment of chronic and debilitating illnesses. Mature men with active sexual lives should also consider screening regularly from sexually transmitted diseases, even if living with a regular monogamous partner.

A general sense of good health is achievable even as we reach the later years of our life. Our body and health simply requires care and attention.

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