Sex for Mature Men

Sex is just as Fun

Sex at a mature age can actually be just as fun as before. You are more experienced now, you may not rush things as you used to and take more time to enjoy. You may also find you are now more creative and sensual. These are some of the possible reasons why you might be more attractive to other men. 

While for some men, sexual appetite may decrease with advancing age, this is not true for everyone. In any case, to enjoy good sex as well as general well-being, it is now even more important to look after your body. Therefore, try to eat a balanced diet, do sports regularly, maintain a good work life balance and take any supplements as advised by your medical professional. 

Some men may find that they cannot achieve an erection as easily as they used to. Also, the erections may not be as firm and last as long. This is quite common and you can experiment with different positions and sex enhancement aids such as sex toys to achieve more arousal. If you are not interested in anal sex anymore, there are still plenty of ways to enjoy intimacy with someone. Also, you can discuss with a specialist how your medications affect your sexual performance.

Sex can be Safe too

Sex should be pleasurable and positive regardless of your age. It is also important to always practice safer sex, not only to guide your partner as a positive role model, but also for your own benefit. You can start by arming yourself with knowledge on HIV/AIDS and sexually transmitted infections (STIs) from Action for AIDS or Condoms are the best way to protect yourself sexually and they are easily available at convenience stores or you can get free ones from Oogachaga or Action for AIDS too. Some people make the use of condoms more fun by getting flavoured condoms or condoms with enhanced texture. Make condoms part of your sexual life by talking about its use with your sexual partner as well as finding creative ways to put it on while having fun. 

Always ensure that you are sexually healthy for yourself and your partner by doing regular HIV and STIs test. If you are concerned about confidentiality, you can visit any of the anonymous HIV test clinics listed on page 35 in this booklet. For those who are unsure on how a HIV test is done, AFA has an online video that shows you how simple a HIV test is so you can be better mentally prepared. DSC Clinic at Kelantan Lane also runs a men’s health clinic on every Wednesday, 8 to 11am where you may find it easier to ask some of the most embarrassing questions. Do call 6293 9648 for an appointment. Lastly, in a situation where you had unprotected sex, or the condom broke or slipped during sex less than 72 hours ago, check with DSC clinic and see how they can help with Post-Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP). Call 6294 6300 for more details.

Aging and HIV

Some gay men in the community are HIV positive and have been living with HIV for a long time. If you are aging and living with HIV, it is of utmost importance to follow the treatment regime as advised by your doctor. You can continue to enjoy a sexual relationship with your partner, but bear in mind to use a condom at all times to prevent HIV transmission to your partner. It is also your responsibility to inform your partner of your status, that you may build up a mutually trusting and supportive relationship. 

Talk to a gay friendly counsellor in Oogachaga if you are living with HIV and finding it hard to manage your concerns about your sexual behaviours or the health of your partner. You can also find support from other HIV positive guys through the Action for AIDS support group. It is still possible to enjoy good sex and healthy same sex relationship when you are living with HIV.

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